Physics does require mathematics at every step. In this course we will cover all the basics and advance topics of physics. The course is much mathematical and less theoretical. The course has 5 sections approximately  and every sections is starts from a new chapter.The lectures are typically long videos series and have been edited to make them fantastic. You will learn many things in this course like……….Chapter # 1 – Composition of ForcesChapter # 2 – Equilibrium ProblemChapter # 3 – Center of GravityChapter # 4 – Simple Harmonic MotionChapter # 5 – Classical Mechanics OverviewIn the first section, we will define the composition of forces and we will explain that how to resolve the forces by using parallelogram law. We will find the directions of forces and the resultant of forces. We will also discuss the different cases of forces and their properties. Many technical examples related to engineering will be solved in this section as wellIn the second section we will discuss the equilibrium problem and their solution in engineering mechanics. We will balance the systems of forces and apply them on engineering categories. We will walk through many examples and exercise that will explain the equilibrium problems.Similarly, in the third section we will discuss about the center of gravity and we will find the technique to find the center of gravity of different objects. There are many ways to find the center of gravity of different regular and irregular objects, we shall find the ways how to find the center of gravity of complex objects as well.The simple harmonic motion is another topic which is consider as the heart of engineering mechanics. In this section we will find the mathematical relation between two variables and apply them in engineering mechanics.In the last section, we will look at the overview of classical mechanics and briefly discuss the application of classical mechanics in the today engineering mechanics.However I give the free hand to my students that they can discuss each and every thing about this course in the question answer. I will always give them the quick response.  Please stay healthy