English Conversation Using UP Phrasal Verbs



We’re getting ready to take off;would you like to come?Join me as we explorephrasal verbs on a deeper level. Learn how to’Use UPPhrasal Verbs More Fluently’and make these expressionsyours.In this course, I’ve gathered upsome ofthe most commonly used phrasal verbs with the preposition ‘up’, and I presentthem in a way that’s easy to remember and learn. I teachthesephrasal verbs through real life examples, well-known film and song lines, and provide context to connect the language to.Learn the different meanings and ways we usereal life English.You will also get a 34-page PDF e-book where you can see the meanings and examples, as well as spaces for you to practice your own original sentences.There are spaces for you to take additional notes from the video lessons. There aretwooptions ofthe e-book for you to choose.Option 1 – Contains pictures to help the more visual learner.Option 2 – Contains no pictures if you want to save some printer ink.Course includes:2 hours of presentation-stylelecturesDozens of phrasal verbs in different contextsOver 100expressions and examplesFull-color 34-pagePDF e-workbookInteractive model with error correctionComprehensive QuizzesMuch more!This course is as interactive and you want it to be.I invite you throughout the course to contact meif you have any questions andto share your examples so you canget feedback on your work. Contact info is in my bio and in the e-book.How does that sound?