**Are you a parent of young children?**Do you want your children to learn English?We invite you to join our NEW course calledEnglish For Parents!This is a course designed to teach you how to speak English with your young children to get them started in a BILINGUAL environment with YOU!!!This will be a 6-week course teaching you over 20 REAL LIFE expressions for you to use with your kids no matter your English level.Don’t have time???Don’t worry!!! Almost all of the video lessons are condensed to around 5 minutes and are FULL of opportunities to practice the language.We’ve designed it with you and your kids in mind.With this course, you will get:- Over 6 weeks of VIDEO LESSONS and PRACTICE exercises to do with your kids.- An e-workbook and PHOTO ALBUM- A PRIVATE Facebook group and Google Classroom for you to share your assignments- 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!You can literally study with us for 2/3 of the course to see if you like it. If you find it doesn’t work for you, please ask for your money back.COURSE OUTLINEWeek 1: Starting Out1. COME ON2. COME HERE3. I LOVE YOU4. Practice DrillsWeek 2: Manners and Love1. WHAT DO YOU SAY?2. GIVE ME A HUG/KISS3. Pronunciation Practice4. Game Ideas Using ThisWeek 3: Washing Up1. BRUSH YOUR TEETH2. WASH YOUR HANDS3. Pronunciation Practice4. Songs Are POWERFUL ToolsWeek 4: Eating1. TAKE A BITE2. THREE MORE…. TWO MORE… LAST ONE… FINISHED!3. Intonation Practice4. First Trimester ReviewWeek 5: After Eating1. TAKE THIS TO THE KITCHEN2. PUT IT IN THE SINK3. Practice with other rooms4. Practice DrillsWeek 6: Playing1. GIMME THE BALL2. THROW IT/ KICK IT…3. Game Ideas4. Practice DrillsBONUS WEEK1. Course Review2. Remember the Basics3. Jesse’s Key to Having More Patience4. Thank you! Stay in touch!5. VIDEO: Learning New Things