English Grammar (articles): ‘A’ and ‘the’ in two weeks



Course DescriptionChoosing the right article such as the or a or an to go with a noun is a tricky and difficult part of English grammar. This course will guide you through the key principles that you need to know tomake accurate article choices in English.Improve your mastery of articles to become more accurate and professional in your speaking andwriting.Learn four rules of thumb for mastering articlesListen to experienced writers thinking aloud about article choicePractice choosing articles in easy to follow videos and animationsMaster those small but vital words to become a better writer in English’The’, ‘a’ and ‘an’ are some of the smallest and most common words in the English language. Their correct use can make an enormous difference to whether a speaker orwriter is seen as accurate and professional. But they are very difficult to master; especially for learners whose first language does not include an article system. In this course we will show you the most common principles behind article choice. Through explanations, examples and quizzes well help you to improveyour knowledge ofand masteryof articles.Contents and OverviewThe course consists of 14lectures that guide you through the key principles for article choice. These are: Whether a noun is countable or uncountableWhether information is new or knownWhether a noun is specific or genericIf a noun takes a fixed phraseAfter we introduce the principles we give many examples and talk through the logic of article choice. Through exercises and quizzes you will gradually get better at making accurate choices which will make your speaking andwriting better and give a more professional impression.A good dictionary, whether a paper one or an online version, is a vital tool for a language learner. In addition, we show how to use a free online word analysis tool called Ngram viewer. This gives us fascinating insights into words and phrases which can help us choose the right form.Once you have watched the videos, listened to the mini-lectures or animations and tried out the quizzes we are sure you will be better able to make better article choices and feel more confident and capable about your English speaking andwriting.So, we wish youhappy article learning!