English Grammar Tenses with Fun (Intermediate level)



It is the course that will help you to speak accuratelly and fluently!You will get here the explanation of All 12 English Grammar Tenses, the selection of exercises based on Jokes, Songs, Popular Films and Quotes. Besides you will have the chance to do a number of fun tasks to practise the rules. You will be able to: to refresh your skills in grammar theory , have practice of all the gramar tenses,have fun while doing the tasks based on all types of entertainment – Jokes, Films, Songs and Famous Quotes. Enjoy it and improve your skills at the same time!Here is the detailed description of what your will get here.The course consists of 47 video lectures and covers all 12 English grammar tenses, whichare thoroughly explained in 3 types of lectures.1. The Theoretical lectures contain:time lines,easily explained rules with the explanations,sentences that illustrate them,theformation rules of each grammar tense that arepresented in tables,spelling rules,time expressions that are used in these tenses,pronunciation practice of the studied tenses.2. The Practical lectures contain:exercises to practice your grammar accuracy (that you have to stop and do) and answers to them,questions that will help you to develop your speaking fluency,quotes by famous people.3. The Fun lectures contain:plenty of jokes that illustrate the studied tenses,film clips fromfamous movies with the exercises and answers to them,famous songs the lyrics of which are written in the studied tenses,quotesbyfamous people.Also the course covers lectures about:active and state verbs,past simple and past participle forms of the regular verbs,specially grouped past simple and past participle forms of the irregular verbs,2 grammar structures used to and be going to.You will be able to evaluate your progress in 3 grammar tests:Present Tenses TestPast Tenses TestFuture Tenses TestIf you want to take your English to the next level, It is the right course for you!