English Listening Fluency: Understand Fast Native Speakers



This course is about listening skills for ESL learners. Most textbooks and audio programs only show you scripted, slow English that does not help you much in real life with native English speakers and fast conversation. This class explains 17 secrets to unlock your listening power in English. You’ll get: 17 Secrets of Listening Skills & Strategies Checklist 16 Class Video Lectures 5 Practice Videos + Quizzes A motivated learner could complete this course in one week. It is recommended to try the practice videos and quizzes at the beginning of the course to see your current level. Use the checklist as a guide and watch the video lectures for more detailed information and strategies. Finally, try the practice videos and quizzes again to see your progress. After taking this course, the ESL learner will be able to use the strategies that native English speakers use unconsciously to understand real, unscripted English as it is spoken in North America today.