English Pronunciation I: Consonant Sounds



This simple Pronunciation course will help you understand differences in how to pronounce six common English consonant sounds. By the end of the course, you will know how to hear, speak, and understand the pronunciation of the: [Th] sound [S] sound [Z] sound [F] sound [V] sound [P] sound Content Most of the course consists of short, simple videos of Shawn Roe, an experienced ESL instructor, explaining how to pronounce each English consonant sound, and giving examples of words and short phrases that use each sound. Students can follow along and practice speaking the way Shawn describes. Students are also encouraged to repeat after Shawn while watching the videos. Benefits One great thing about taking this course, that it's available to the student everywhere there's an internet connection… forever. Watch and rewatch the videos. Pause the videos in the middle. Practice repeating how to pronounce different words and phrases, and watch how your English pronunciation improves! After watching and practicing along with the videos, students should notice a difference in their ability to pronounce these 6 common English consonant sounds. Instructor Feedback Shawn will be active in the course answering student questions as they arise. If enough students participate, Shawn also plans to make himself available for several live sessions giving students a chance to practice their pronunciation and receive immediate feedback from a native-speaking American English ESL instructor. Summary Take this course to gain confidence in your ability to speak English! Improve your pronunciation and simply speak English better.