Last time you sorted your inbox yousworeto keep it clean and organized. But once again you are….. OverwhelmedBy Email Old emails just sit there in your inboxmaking you feel bad Tired ofwasting timesearching for what you need in your inbox Important emailsare slipping through the cracks Using your Inbox as ato do list Feeling Lost.You just do not know how toget controlof your inbox. Today, the emails keep coming. You just let them pile up ignoring the problem, cause you think there is no hope. Important messages and things you need to do are scattered in your inbox and throughout folders. It takes forever to open or find anything you actually need because you must remember and search for a subject line EVERY TIME! As a result, you cringe each time you open your email browser because it just makes you feel bad and you tend to get lost! But it doesn’t have to be this way! Download The Course Tour Outline! You WillWalk Away With… MORE TIME! BITE SIZE lectures that can all be complete in < 1 hour! 3 Ways to learn Every lecture – Video, MP3, PDF transcript Printable Cheatsheets &Checklist so you can go back to QUICKLY My #1 Secret to Stopping Email Overwhelm Included in this course are4BONUSES STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL UNROLL.ME- ONE OF MY FAVORITE EMAIL TOOLS SHORT EBOOK – THE 4 KINDS OF EMAIL CONTROL FACEBOOK EMAILS EMAIL ETIQUETTE CHART -HOW TO USE – SUBJECT LINES, FORWARDS, CC, BCCS and….. The Email Processing Cheatsheet After this class you will be able to: Maintain a clutter free email inbox Save time when dealing with email ActuallySMILEwhen you open your inbox 🙂 Brag to your friends about how you got control of your email! If you’re like me, you use your email on a daily basis for important tasks and communications. Whether it’s for business or personal related projects, everyone wants to be able to access important emails when they need them, as soon as they need them!Nobody has the time or patience to scavenger hunt through their email inbox. Thats why in this course we will cover the best organizational tactics, such as: What to do about your email inboxtoday! How to process your email How often to check your email. A few awesome (FREE) tools that can automate and make email a lot easier Tips on keeping your inbox clutter free for good! The#1 thing that keeps me free from email overwhelm If you’re ready to regain full control of your inbox TODAY, take theEscape Email Overwhelm!: course right now and escape the clutter, overwhelm, and confusion of your inbox. More Reviews From Our Students