Essential Fundamentals of R is an integrated program that draws from a variety of introductory topics and courses to provide participants with a solid base of knowledge with which to use R software for any intended purpose. No statistical knowledge, programming knowledge, or experience with R software is necessary. Essential Fundamentals of R (7 sessions) covers those important introductory topics basic to using R functions and data objects for any purpose: installing R and RStudio; interactive versus batch use of R; reading data and datasets into R; essentials of scripting; getting help in R; primitive data types; important data structures; using functions in R; writing user-defined functions; the 'apply' family of functions in R; data set manipulation: and subsetting, and row and column selection. Most sessions present "hands-on" material that demonstrate the execution of R 'scripts' (sets of commands) and utilize many extended examples of R functions, applications, and packages for a variety of common purposes. RStudio, a popular, open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing and using R applications, is also utilized in the program, supplemented with R-based direct scripts (e.g. 'command-line prompts') when necessary.