Do you want to master handling images in Adobe Indesign so you can create layouts and work just like a creative professional? Working with images is part of any Graphic Designers day to day life and they are often essential to communicating the right message. InDesign offers a whole host of useful and innovative ways in which you can introduce images into a both print and web based compositions. This course will introduce you to everything you need to know, from placing images into your documents to far more advanced techniques which help create a great looking composition! A closer look at what you will learn: The course will start by providing you with some useful resources for creative professionals, like design terms to ensure you are familiar with, useful websites to bookmark and a way to get to grips with keyboard shortcuts. Which can half your working time! Then we will start by mastering the basics, learn to incorporate Adobe Bridge and how to place files into InDesign.In the third chapter we will move onto learning all of the essentials, like image resolution, using the preflight panel, frames, image fitting options etc. Once you know all of the essentials its time to move onto the advanced techniques, the largest section of this course. Discover how to use tools and effects like the Gap Tool, Text Wrap, Opacity & Feathering, Object styles, Multiple Frames effect and loads more. This course includes: 18 Videos2 Hours of learning content 2 Downloadable resourcesMartin is an Adobe Certified Instructor who has years of experience teaching in both and online in classroom environments. He has also worked professionally in the creative industry for over 10 years on a wide range of projects. The examples and techniques used have been developed over this time to deliver the most efficient and enjoyable approach to teaching and learning. Who will find it useful:Ideal for anyone who is aspiring to become a professional Graphic Designer.Those particularly interested in Editorial Design, Poster and Print Design.Anyone who often works in InDesign.Designers looking to build on their current creative skill set.This course is based in Adobe InDesign and basic knowledge of how to use the software will help you make the most of the course and learning experience. Learn how to handle and work with images in the fastest and most efficient way possible by enrolling on this course.