Essentials for Technical Report Writing



This is an integrated course of four crucial skills which are needed by trainees to ensure that they would improve their competencies in both writing and communication as well; the four basic skills are: the ability to form a simple sentence which is meaningfully and grammatically recognized ensuring that all aspects regarding this skill are fully discussed; this simple sentence will then upgraded to a higher level .i.e. compound and a complex sentences ,then into paragraphs and finally into written or spoken texts with various lengths and intensity The second skill is the ability to use highly selected transition words which are based on meaning which will enable trainees to join simple sentences based on meaning in two tutorials and another tutorial dedicated for the transitions that are used to refer to time. This leads us to the third skill which is the discussion of all 12 tenses in a very innovative approach by concentrating on the functions and situations in which these 12 tenses are used as well as showing trainees how these tenses will improve their capabilities to write and communicate by using a language which is fault free.The fourth skill is yet a skill which is needed basically for writing; this skill is the ability to use the 11 basic punctuation marks in the right position in the sentence.