Are you looking for profitable Ethereum trading strategies? With this course, you can choose among 99 every month.Petko Aleksandrov is a professional trader and mentor at EA Forex Academy. He teaches algorithmic trading in his courses and shares his trading strategies.  You will learn how he creates 100s of Expert Advisors  Robots for trading. You will receive 99 Robots for Ethereum trading, and more you will receive new 99 Robots every new month for free.You will see how he tested the strategies for one month period with just a few clicks. Also, you will see the whole process from the creation of the strategies to the trading.You will learn to use the Meta Trader platform, which Petko considers as “the only trusted platform for algorithmic trading.” Also, the Mentor will teach you how actually to place the 99 Expert Advisors over the chart and how to follow their performance and select only the Robots that are making profits currently, on the current market conditions.What will you learn in the course?What does CFD stand for and how Petko does algorithmic Ethereum tradingHow to open a demonstrative/virtual account with a trading brokerHow to recognize the Scam brokers and the steps to avoid thoseHow to export History data from the chosen broker, which is very importantYou will learn how to manage the 99 Expert Advisors and choose the best onesYou will receive huge diversification and choice by adding new 99 EAs every monthWe need to be very flexible when trading – the Bitcoin costs are huge currently, and there are so many other assets to be traded, just like the Ethereum, says Petko in the course.Petko teaches that the most common reason that makes the traders lose is the feelings – the fear and greed. The fear of losing profit and trades are being closed too early. The greed to trade with bigger size after profitable trades.Algorithmic trading solves this problem. The trader does not need to put any emotions because he does not make decisions when to buy or sell. In the Ethereum trading course, you will see the results of 99 strategies trading together in one account. Petko is just following their performance and selecting the most profitable EAs. This way, no emotions are involved.In the Ethereum trading course, you will receive the script that Petko uses to export the History data from his broker. This is very important if you want to create your own strategies or to optimize the ones that you will receive in the course.Mr. Aleksandrov will introduce to you an informative lecture with the professional strategy builder EA Studio, which he uses to generate robust strategies and test them for one month period within a few clicks. The software provides him with the ability to create 100s of strategies and select only the top ones(if you decide to sign up, you can use a free trial version and practice)Anyway, he will provide these strategies for you, and you will not need to go over this process.Who is the mentor?After the University, Petko Aleksandrov graduates the London Academy for trading in the United Kingdom, where he starts to develop his trading strategies with surprising profit. He was invited to stay as a trader and mentor. Still, he decided to continue on his own with the algorithmic trading and especially the Forex and Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading, because he already knew that this was not the future but the present.He created EA Forex Academy, where he teaches Algorithmic trading to avoid these feelings in his students and to teach them how to trade relaxed and calm. All he depends on is coding, formulas, statistics, and the hard work to create 100s of Expert Advisors and to select the ones that are currently profiting.Petko has done that all, and he will share it with you-you will receive the 99 Robots included in the Ethereum trading course.   More, every month, he updates the course with new 99 Expert Advisors that you will access once enrolled in the course. You can place on different demo accounts the Expert Advisors from each month and have a massive choice of strategies. This way, you will be able to choose the most profitable EAs from few months. Together with all his other courses, you will receive full support personally by Petko within 12 hoursIf, for some reason, the course does not meet your expectations, you can use the money-back guarantee.Enroll now, and move your algorithmic trading to the next level!Enjoy the course!