Ethics and Integrity, all about Deception and Dishonesty !



This Course, is a comprehensive, interesting, and informative look, at the Science and Research behind Human Deception and Dishonesty. It covers the research and studies done, on multiple aspects of deception and dishonesty.You will learn about how your mind works, and the conflicting forces behind your judgements and decisions.And about how appearances can deceive. You will also learn about how, and when, people lie and cheat, how conflicts of interest affect peoples judgements and behaviour, and how mass deception and propaganda work.You will also be learning about a few techniques and strategies, that will help minimize everyone’s deception and dishonesty, in most circumstances.Get ready to become far more aware and informed, about how deception and dishonesty work !Credits: Some images and videos are from Pixabay, Freepik and Pexels. A huge thanks to the contributors 🙂