Are you an aspiring student? Aninstructor? Someone looking to upgrade their own skills and knowledge?You’ve come to the right place!Welcome to “Everything You Need To Know About Shakespeare: Basics”Shakespeare’s works are often portrayed in a way that makes students (and even adults) groan.In this course, we will go straight into the basics of Shakespeare, ranging from his history, his career and of course his works. We will recognize key elements that distinguish his writing and how he fits in the current scope of how the English language is now. The terminology, structure and themes of his works will be discussed.*** This course is not for those looking for a comprehensive understanding of Shakespeare or his individual plays (this may be offered soon though in another course). This is focused on having a solid foundationto variousaspects of Shakespeare and being exposed to emergent terminology. ***This course will have exercises and visuals to facilitate and make the most out of your learning.Testing the waters? No worries!Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee for those who are still on the fence.What are you waiting for?