COURSE DESCRIPTIONMicrosoft Excel is one of the major workhorses in the Microsoft Office suite of applications and arguably the most widely used of them too. A solid understanding of how to use this program is vital to nearly everyone in most industries today.This course is designed specifically to teach you the fundamentals of Excel and give you the skills you need to begin to create and manipulate worksheets. Specifically you will understand how to create, save, enter data and print spreadsheets in addition to learning how to create formulas and use functions to calculate in Excel. You will learn how to format spreadsheets, manipulate columns and rows, add headers and footers and use page setup options to prepare them for printing. You will also learn how to handle large worksheets or multiple workbooks and use collaboration tools to work in conjunction with other users.Learn and Master Introductory Features in Excel 2013 Getting start with open files and navigating Excel Understand basic skills like create new files, entering data, using AutoFill and saving Create formulas, use functions, work with date math and understanding cell relativity Edit workbooks, use Clipboard commands and work with find and replace Format a workbook and modify its structure Deal with the difficulties of work with large or multiple workbooks Use collaboration tools to work with other users on the same files Use the page setup commands to prepare to print a worksheetContents and Overview During the four and half hours of content included in the 41 lectures, this course covers all the key features you need to know to get started with building and using Excel 2013 workbooks. Upon completion you will be comfortable creating new workbooks and editing existing workbooks, creating formulas and doing basic calculations, setting up a workbook for printing and collaborating with other users on Excel files. You will have all the skills you need to prepare to take the Intermediate and Advanced levels of Excel training. This IAAP-certified counts for 4.5 recertification points for the CAP certification under the Technology and Information Distribution content area. Email with proof of completion of the course to obtain your certificate.