This online Excel coursewill teach you how to create amazing spreadsheets and charts whether you have usedExcel before and just want a refresher or you are totally new to it and arescared the world will end if you press the wrong button!While there areplenty of Excel courses that will teach you Excel, its really hard to find onethat doesnt jump around with different data examples and can cause confusionwhen youre just starting out.This course,centres around a fictitious company called AdventureWorks and you start at the beginningand work through to the end with the same data set, building your knowledge,understanding and confidence as the company introduces new stock and suppliers.You will learnhow to create calculations to see how the company profits are doing in the easiestof easy ways you dont need to be an accountant to work this out its easy!You willgenerate reports both manually and automatically using Excel feature-rifictools which are AMAZING such as the Quick Analysis Tool and Flash FillOn the strengthof your report creation skills, you will present these reports visually inCharts and edit them just like the boss likes them!Heres just a few things youll learn:AutoFitAutoCompleteAuto FillAmending spreadsheetsSimple calculationsWorking with percentagesFormatting dataCell addressingFlash FillWorking with tablesSorting & FilteringCreating chartsPrintingImprove Your Career Prospects, AcquireMore Skills, Make More MoneyThis coursewill provide you with a solid foundation to hone your skills that will take youto the next level. You will feel confident and chomping at the bit to improve Excel does that. It grabs hold of you and each new skill you acquire drives youfurther and further. Excel is packedwith endless possibilities and my aim is to open the door for you to explore.Your earning potential will increase as your skills develop youll getnoticed and with that recognition comes reward! Master the basics of thisamazing application and boost your income with a relevant and highly soughtafter skillDont Put It Off Any Longer. Start Now.With Me. Today.By the end ofthis course, your confidence as an Excel user will soar. You will have athorough understanding of the fundamentals that drives Excel to be the mostpowerful application in the Microsoft suite of programmes.Download the Excel 2016 – 10 Easy Steps for Beginners 70 page, screen-shot packed user guide containing all the course steps and exercises. Follow along with me in the Sales Report workbook and consolidate, embed and underpin your knowledge with practice exercises that I show the solutions to. Smash the quizzes with your understanding of Excel’s tools and options.This course willtake you from scared to PREPARED for anything that needs calculating,reporting, presenting or printing!