Excel 2016 for Mac 3: Pivot Tables Intro & Masterclass



This course covers one of the most useful, but scariest-sounding, functions in Microsoft Excel; PIVOT TABLES.It sounds difficult, but in fact can be done in just a few clicks. We’ll do our first one in a couple of minutes – that’s all it takes. We’ll also add a chart as well in that time.After only thesefirst few minutes, you will be streets ahead of anyone who doesn’t know anything about Pivot Tables – it is really that important.After this introduction, we’ll go into some detail into how to set up your Pivot Table – the initial data, and the various options that are available to you. We will go into advanced options that most people don’t even know about, but which are very useful.By the end, you will be an Expertuser of Pivot Tables, able to create reliable analyses which are able to be drilled-down quickly,and you’ll beable to help others with their data analysis.It will assist withthe Visualize Data sectionof the Microsoftexam 70-779 “Analysing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel”.