Here is the current situation I see in the job market:You must know how to operate basic office software in order to find and hold a job.Finding a class is difficult, expensive, and usually doesn’t fit your schedule. Employers want at least a proficient understanding of Word, Excel and Outlook. In this Excel intro, you’ll learn the best “Must-Know” tips to get you started or brush-up your skills in Microsoft Excel 2016. These 8 short videos will launch you into Excel and get you going in just over 30 minutes.  Whatever your level, beginner, long time user, or advanced, you will learn a few good nuggets of information that will absolutely improve your productivity. Along with the videos are matching PDF materials to reinforce the lessons.  The course includes calculations, charts, and formatting, as well as setting up the Excel window to be useful and helpful. Become a better Excel user and finally be the Boss of Excel!*** Course access includes project files, reference handouts, 1-on-1 instructor support, LIFETIME access and a 60 day money-back guarantee!***