Excel in Microsoft Excel 2013: Part II



This course covers the basics of Excel 2013 with over 90 short videos spanning over 6 parts. Each video will focus on a very specific skill with attached resources which will require your participation as the lesson is played out. These 2-to-6 minute lessons will help you, the student, to zoom in on exactly what you want to master, quickly and with ease. In Part II, you will learn another 20 unique skills in Excel 2013, for example, in Lecture 3 you will become familiar with The BODMAS Principle in 3 minutes and 34 seconds, In Lecture 9 you will go through the activity of Wrapping and Merging Cell Contents in 4 minutes and 24 seconds, in Lecture 14 you will touch on the power of The Format Painter in 3 minutes and 17 seconds and in Lecture 19 Viewing and Scrolling Multiple Workbooks in 3 minutes. The whole purpose of this course is to get you up and running in the shortest time possible. The lessons are succinct and to the point, without unnecessary clutter. Resources in the form of pre-formatted Excel documents have been made available for you to download and work along with the lectures. Each part of the course will cover an additional 20 to 24 unique skills, and by the end of Part VI, you will be able to handle all the basic requirements in working with Excel as well as setting yourself up for moving forward to the Intermediate/Advanced level content.