Excel: the next level. Expert with formulas and charts



This is a course for those who are already familiar with Microsoft Excel but need to move to the next level and understand how to create professional reports which require strong calculations and graphical representations of the data and data flow.The students get a first overview of the Info and Options areas where a lot of information and configuration is done in order to setup your files and report in the correct way.The course includes then:An overview of the functionalities and options of the different ribbonsinformation about how to create advanced formatting using the conditional formatting functionalitiesinstructions about how to define data validation for set of cells and rangesexplanations of the main formulas and functions, especially about text, lookup & reference, information, logical, and moreinstructions about how to create and format charts will different set of datatutorial on how to create and manage pivot tables and chartsinstructions to protect a worksheet (entirely or partially) and a workbookAt the end the students will be able to generate complex report, separating data from formulas, formatting tables, generate easily charts and modify them at a glance is a few clicks.