Explain & How Use Keypad Library MicroC and Interfacing PIC


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Keypad LibraryThe mikroC PRO for PIC provides a library for working with 4×4 keypad. The library routines can also be used with 4×1, 4×2, or 4×3 keypad. For connections explanation see schematic at the bottom of this page.External dependencies of Keypad LibraryThe following variable must be defined in all projects using Keypad Library:Description :Example : extern sfr char keypadPort;Keypad Port. char keypadPort at PORTD;Library RoutinesKeypad_InitKeypad_Key_PressKeypad_Key_ClickKeypad_InitInitializes port for working with keypad.Keypad_Key_PressReads the key from keypad when key gets pressed.Keypad_Key_ClickCall to Keypad_Key_Click is a blocking call: the function waits until some key is pressed and released. When released, the function returns 1 to 16, depending on the key. If more than one key is pressed simultaneously the function will wait until all pressed keys are released. After that the function will return the code of the first pressed key.