Explain & How Use USB Library In MicroC and Interfacing PIC



USB LibraryUniversal Serial Bus (USB) provides a serial bus standard for connecting a wide variety of devices, including computers, cell phones, game consoles, PDAs, etc.USB Library contains HID routines that support HID class devices, and also the generic routines that can be used with vendor specified drivers.USB HID ClassThe HID class consists primarily of devices that are used by humans to control the operation of computer systems. Typical examples of HID class devices include :Keyboards and pointing devices, for example: standard mouse devices, trackballs, and joysticks.Front-panel controls, for example: knobs, switches, buttons, and sliders.Controls that might be found on devices such as telephones, VCR remote controls, games or simulation devices, for example: data gloves, throttles, steering wheels, and rudder pedals.Devices that may not require human interaction but provide data in a similar format to HID class devices, for example, bar-code readers, thermometers, or voltmeters.Many typical HID class devices include indicators, specialized displays, audio feedback, and force or tactile feedback. Therefore, the HID class definition includes support for various types of output directed to the end user.Descriptor FileEach project based on the USB library should include a descriptor source file which contains vendor id and name, product id and name, report length, and other relevant information. To create a descriptor file, use the integrated USB HID terminal of mikroC PRO for PIC (Tools USB HID Terminal). The default name for descriptor file is USBdsc.c, but you may rename it. Important :The USB library routines have been changed. Please, have this in mind when migrating projects from previous versions of the compiler.Also, this relates to the descriptor source file, so it is necessary to create a new descriptor file in order to make your project work.Library RoutinesHID_EnableHID_ReadHID_WriteHID_DisableUSB_Interrupt_ProcUSB_Polling_ProcGen_EnableGen_ReadGen_Write