Explain&How Use Touch Panel Library MikroC and Interface PIC


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Explain & How Use Touch Panel Library MikroC and Interface PICUse Touch Panel Library in Any Pic Projects, Touch Panel Library Interface With Pic, Make Any Project Relies Touch PanelTP_InitInitialize touch panel display. Default touch panel ADC threshold value is set to 3900.display_width: set display width.display_height: set display height.readX_ChNo: read X coordinate from desired ADC channel.readY_ChNo: read Y coordinate from desired ADC channel.TP_Set_ADC_ThresholdSet custom ADC threshold value, call this function after TP_Init.threshold: custom ADC threshold value.TP_Press_DetectDetects if the touch panel has been pressed.1 – if touch panel is pressed.0 – otherwise.And Expalin All Touch Panel Library Routines