Learn what it takes to get a website online, how websites work and where to begin if you want to create your own websites.Understanding the fundamental core concepts related to the internet and how websites function is a great starting point to anyone who wants to create websites.Learn more about how websites are made and how web content is served up to users.This course covers everything you need to know in order to start creating websites, learn where to start, explore the terms used and the technology involved. Get links and information about common resources used by web developers to create websites.This course aims to answer any questions you may have aboutHow HTML worksWhat languages are used to create websites HTML,CSS and JavaScriptHow website get createdwhat goes into designing and constructing web contentDynamic websites vs Static websitesFront-end code vs Back-end codeClient side vs server sideHow servers display contentweb hosting and domainsBrowsers and how they render codehow to get files from your computer to a serverall about top web resources and sitesplus moreTaught by an instructor with over 18 years of real web development experience. Learn how you too can start creating websites and explore how easy it can be to get started with websites.