Dont you want a sure-fire method of doing Facebook Marketing? And have a detailed plan laid out for you where you can follow tested strategies, yet at the same time do things your way? Arent you tired of wasting time and money on campaigns that make you lose trust in Facebook as a business platform? If you haven’t yet dug up your Facebook treasure chest, then this course is your very own treasure map with a big red X that marks the spot. Not familiar at all with Facebook as a business platform? No worries, this course covers even the basics but in such a way that even Facebook veterans get some value from that section of the course. Like you, Im a strong believer in action, because what drove you ahead as a professional was DOING, not just LEARNING. Thats why a big chunk of this Facebook Marketing course is focused on hands-on training. We dont just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Still, just to make sure you understand the psychology of this platform, initially we will cover the mindset of clients when they go on Facebook and how to create an effective marketing strategy. What’s more, Ill cover everything from: how to create content for Facebook how to schedule it for maximum exposure how to use software that marketing agencies use and how to analyse results and better yourself and your strategy each step of the way. And, for those of you who think can handle everything Facebook, Ive included a lecture on how to create a custom Facebook tab with an integrated iframe where you can insert any content you want. This type of thing is done mostly by big brands with deep pockets, but youll be able to do it in minutes with less than you spent last time you went out for dinner. But lets get back on track. Ill give it to you straight. This course is a complete material on Facebook Marketing and covers: the professional setup of your Facebook Page ongoing management with everything from structure to strategy additional resources to ease your workload case scenarios with various problems you might face and how to overcome them But what this course beats a lot of other Facebook marketing courses at is because IT’S PERSONAL. What does that mean? It means that depending on your own specific business needs I will offer appropriate advice. So if you are not sure how a specific section applies to your Facebook campaign, just ask me in the discussion section of the course or personally email me (youll have my full contact info once becoming a student). So you not only get professional training, but 1on1 Facebook marketing coaching as well. And the average hourly rate of advertising agencies ($150+) is higher than the entire course itself. And unlike when dealing with an agency where most of the time its just a transaction. I have all the interest in the world for you to succeed with the advice I share. What better marketing can I get than a student saying my course helped him/her to get where they wanted. You cant beat that! And thats my goal as an author here on Udemy, to guide people into achieving their desired goal, in this case, create and manage successful campaigns on Facebook. Still hesitant? WHY? Udemy offers a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. So what are you really risking? And besides, the thousands of students that took my courses and gave great reviews cant all be wrong? On the other hand, WHAT DO YOU GAIN if you DO take this course? the chance to finally feel in control of your social media marketing, Facebook in particular spend minutes on tasks that you once spent hours on know how to read Facebook Insights data and understand what works and what doesnt get a bonus from your employer or if youre self-employed get the bonus plus the pride of success know that you have one less thing to worry about And in case if its any value to you, what I want, as your coach, in this journey through Social Media Marketing is: To see a smug look on your face for reaching pro level at Facebook marketing and create campaigns that ROCK. And knowing that from your success, maybe 0.1% is my contribution, will give me a similar smug 😉 So my message to you is simple. TAKE THE COURSE, TAKE ACTION, WIN AT FACEBOOK MARKETING. Because as you already know the universe rewards action, not thought.