Feel-good Productivity



Do you want to stop stressing about being productive, and start getting important stuff done?Productivity is not about filling time: it is about focusing on the stuff that really matters. Setting goals and achieving them, rather than avoiding, procrastinating, or giving up. But how do you actually do that? Whats the step-by-step process for avoiding procrastination, improving grit, or cutting back on something you are emotionally attached to, to free up time for a more critical project?In this course, well learn that.Im Chris, and Im a psychologist. In this course, I will teach you the skills that allow me to run three companies, two charities, be a father and an Ironman triathlete.Tens of thousands of students have already joined and loved my Udemy courses, and I hope you will be the next one. Youll love the course, and if not, it is all backed up by Udemys 30-day money-back guarantee.Well cover:AvoidanceProcrastinationFocusGoalsCommitment and gritTime managementKilling bad projectsRelaxationTools…and more. There will be videos, quizzes, exercises, articles and hand-outs, so whichever way you learn there will be something for you.This course will make you more productive, and maybe even a little happier, too.If all of that sounds good, hit the buy now button to get started. I cant wait to see you inside the course!