Female Graduates Guide to Dressing For Your First Job


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Discover the secrets of creating a professional image that will boost your career!First job – dont know what to wear? You only get one chance for a first impression. Make it a good one so you’ll fit right in, make your job more enjoyable, and increase your chances for a promotion. A bad first impression takes a long time to overcome.This course sets you on the right track instantly.* Find out how to know the dress code for your new job and see examples ofthe most common dress codes.* Learn my exclusive wardrobe equations that areeasy to implement. * Follow my Work Wardrobe Checkliststep by step to create your first career wardrobe.*Discover the secret to personalizing your capsule wardrobe so you are uniquely you.* Enjoy the confidence of looking professional every day and making those crucially important first impressions with co-workers, bosses, clients and customers.Plus this course shows you 3 capsule wardrobes; one for each of the 3 most common work dress codes. It also includes a list of 10 items not to wear on the job, and tips for finding bargains when dressing on a budget.