Finance for Micro-Renewable Energy Professionals/Customers



It is probably best to do this course after you’ve completed the first one on Micro-Renewable Energy for Beginners. However, this is not a must, because this course in a way could apply to ANY FORM OF INVESTMENT. It’s just that I’ve applied these techniques to this topic! This course will teach you how to financially assess any form of micro-renewable energy or investment using techniques derived from capital budgeting and investment. Typically these techniques are used in the stock market. Using these techniques you will build upon the knowledge you gained from the first course. This will allow you to work out if a particular micro-renewable energy system is financially worthwhile, quickly and efficiently. You won’t need to learn how to calculate payback times, which are a pointless metric that much of the industry still uses.If you want get the full information on micro-renewable energy this is a definite follow up course you should do.