First Sell YOU or You Will Never Sell Anything to Anybody!



Millions of people are joining the entrepreneur economy. They are building their own business, establishing their own career, and living as free agents and freelance performers and artists,These brave folks are good at what they do, but most do not have any idea on how to market and sell themselves, and nobody is teaching them. This is how you start to learn the art of personal performance marketing so that you can better sell you. Survival depends on this vital skill. You start by learning the Big Seven Strategies you must know to do this creative work well.The entire class is taught in short sharp video segments for maximum learning, and easy remembering. There are 2 1/2 hours of teaching so you can complete it less than a day, and then spend time reviewing what is most important to you. Stan Hustad is a master business performance coach who not only entertains as he speaks, but will answer your questions. He wants the very best for you and your business.