Fixed Line and Broadband Network



The course is designed to give the participants good understanding of Fixed line and Broadband Network.Fixed Line of Telephone line is the oldest concept that we can correlate to in terms of Fixed access network. The bandwidth requirement for Voice and Data over fixed access networks is between 300 Hertz to three thousand three hundred Hertz. This system was originally designed for voice transmission only, usinganalogtransmission technology on a single voice channel. Participants will learn about basic telephone terminal, modem and some basic concepts about local loop. The course content then move towards the switching system which is used to determine the routing pathway of the call. Switched are contained in local exchanges, and central offices or tandem exchanges. Switching systems can be broadly classified as Circuit Switching or PSTN and Packet Switching or Internet. Circuit Switching can be done as time switching, in which switching is done between time slots. In packet switching, each data stream is divided into chunks, called packets; each packet is sent separately into the network. The course also covers the PSTN Network hierarchy, numbering scheme and call flow. The course includes aspects of the data services or internet services provided by fixed access network. The course concluded covering various terminologies related to fixed access network like ISDN, VPN, DSL, ADSL , FTTx, TX-IP or MPSL.Assessment quiz at the end of the course will help participants to check their learning.