Fluent English Idioms and Expressions (Advanced Students)



How can I speak English fluently?”This is the #1 question I get as an English teacher.Hi, I’m Jesse Sweed. I want to invite you to learn English fluency with me! Join me as I teach you the key to English fluency. Learning important and very common idioms and expressions that will take your English to the next level.I hope you enjoy the course, and please let me know if you want to practice or have any questions.Keep in mind, most of these videos are from my YouTube Channel. This course has extra videos, an ebook, and quizzes to check your understanding of these expressions.See you in the course————————————- ———————————– —————————————Expressions.Idioms.REAL English.These are the keys to English fluency and deeper communication. In this course, this is exactly what you will learn and practice. Improve your fluency as you work your way through the different sections of this course.SECTIONI – 5 ExpressionsEach video will teach you five expressions that Jesse saw or heard that week. He will teach you the expression as well as the context in which he heard it.You will see:The expressionThe context and referenceExamples of it usedPronunciation tricksSECTION II – History of IdiomsEach video will teach you a common idiom or expression and a brief explanation of the origin of that idiom. This will help you learn the idiom more deeply as you can have a picture in your head and find a reason to use them.You will see:The idiomAn explanationThe history of the originPronunciation TricksSECTIONIII – Expression of the WeekEach video will teach you a common expression as well as a brief story using that expression. These videos are shot outside and have a natural feel where you’re walking along with Jesse.You will see:The expressionAn explanationA storyTricks to remember the expressionThis course comes with an ebook with all of the expressions and a place for you to take notes and write examples. Contact Jesse at Sweed Academy or on Social Media if you need a more personal lesson.