Flutter Credit Card Number Validator



Flutter Credit Card Number Validator:In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to validate a credit card and what is its card type, etc. We have different credit card types some of them are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Dinner Club, and JCB, etc. So we are validating the different card types with their number and its card type means it validates the credit card and returns its type.This example supports following cards:Supported cards:VisaMastercardAmerican ExpressDiscoverDiners ClubJCBFollow the below steps to Implement Flutter credit card Validator:Add the dependency package:adding the dependency package to pubspec.yaml file. use the below code to add the dependency package. After adding the dependency package run the get package method to import all the required files to the app.dependencies:credit_card_number_validator: ^1.0.4Install the package:You can install the package from the command line using the below code with Flutter as shown.$ flutter pub getImporting the Package:After Adding the dependency package to the pubspec.yaml file , you can now import the package into the dart code by using the below code. without adding the dependency packge to the pubspec.yaml file if you import it will show package not found an error.import ‘package:credit_card_number_validator/credit_card_number_validator.dart’;Use the following example code into your dart file :Map cardData = CreditCardValidator.getCard(cardNumberString);String cardType = cardData[CreditCardValidator.cardType];bool isValid = cardData[CreditCardValidator.isValidCard];