Focus To Finish-Do more work in less time


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I got a question for youWhat would it be like if you learn the scientific system to achieve targets faster and enjoy what you do?So that you have more things done, more income and more free time without working for longer hours.I promise. Its not what you think it is!I Will Show You Exactly How To Increase Your ABSOLUTE productivity, Enjoy More Freedom, And Quickly Achieve Extraordinary Results With This Proven, Step-By-Step System.Have you looked at your the list of things you need to do every morning and decide to do everything on your to-do list and realised that by the end of the day, you could hardly finish two or three items?Do you ever feel that instead of moving closer to your dreams, youre merely in the same place even after weeks and months?Or maybe you feel overwhelmed, lost, unproductive, and burned out from trying to manage everything around you?Do you finally want to decide to focus rather than checking your email, Facebook and other social media?Have you ever felt like you were doing nothing but looking busy and you dont want to feel that anymore?If This Sounds Like You, I Have An Important Message For You Today: You Are Not Alone.Hi, I am Mayur Bardolia, a coach and an author of 3 books and creator of best-selling video courses in the field of Leadership, Productivity, Communication, Management, Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurship.Over the years, Ive trained close to 5,000 Sales Reps, Managers, College Students, Professionals, Business Owners, and many others and almost everyone Ive worked with struggles with the same problem:How can I maximise my productivity and income without losing my free time or my mind?You are going to find the answer hereBut before You find how to do, allow me to share my journey and how I dealt with this problem and how I got the solution that works every time.Believe It Or Not, Ive also been through the same experienceI used to work 70-80 hours a weekI used to feel like a loser.I just couldnt get things done.And my life was going nowhereI couldnt spend more time with my family and friends.I was continually working but couldnt see any result.I was always avoiding the things that I NEEDED to do.I was unable to bring my focus on to the tasks which were important to me. It happened so many times that I could not decide what to do.I ended up doing things I shouldnt be doing just to look busy. I knew I was cheating myself but hey, I didnt change because I couldnt.The unfinished tasks were piling up.I jumped from one motivational video to another just to get another dose of motivation.Sadly, those things did not work longer.Every night, I sleep with unfinished tasks and regret.I was crying inside because I was cheating myself. My self-esteem became weaker.I couldnt act powerfully.After lying to myself consistently, I lost respect for myself.I was ready to take risks, but I just couldnt get started.I wanted to know what I was doing wrong. I read countless books. I hired mentors and coaches. And as I learned more, I realisedThe surprising reason why most people cant do what they want to doThe problem wasnt that I didnt have enough information about what to do. Such as running a business, writing a book, making more sales or hiring people.The problem was that I had too much!I tried many time-management books, attended many seminars about success mindset and also hired many coaches to tell me how to be more productive.I wasted too much of money but learned nothing.Instead, the amount of information out there was paralysing me and causing massive overwhelm!. The problem is when youre overwhelmed you will seek distractions subconsciously. When I focused instead on learning about how the very successfully managed to do it all and still had time to enjoy life I was finally able to identify the common threads and apply them to my own business.I finally started focusing on MASTERY vs Information Overload.Over the years, Ive polished my system of boosting productivity and managing my time to science.And Ive been able to teach it to others so they can replicate my results.Heres What A Few Of My Students Have To Say About My Breakthrough Productivity System:I was wasting my time. Each day, I was failing to keep my promises. With the system Mayur has developed, I surprisingly achieved more results I could never dream to achieve. Mayur provided the solutions that enabled me to focus more and be more disciplined. Ranjit VermaI was struggling with the sales figure in my business. I have now closed more deals in just one month than I closed in the last six months. I am sure that its going be extremely helpful to take my business to the next level. Vicky TurnballAfter attending countless programs on productivity and time management, I finally found this program that helped me to get more things done consistently.I am enjoying what I do and can spend time with family and friends. It is the ultimate system to increase productivity. Liam FleesNow, Think About Your Perfect Day Of Work Would Look LikeYou wake up and finish your quick morning routine. You go to your computer and respond to the important emails.You prepare your to-do list containing tasks that are important to you.By the late afternoon, you have been focusing on relevant tasks only. So, almost all of your work is done.You have quickly crossed each item off of your to-do list without stress, worry or effort.Now, that you have time to do anything you want. You can spend well-earned time with friends and family. You can enjoy your hobby.Now, at the end of the day, you can relax peacefully and without regret, because you had a fulfilling day.Heres Whats going to happen to YouWhen youve learned to boost your productivity truly, youll be able to stop putting off your dreams and start living the life youve always wanted Without worrying about looming deadlines and ever-growing to-do lists.Instead of putting off plans, endlessly running in circles, or getting buried by the weight of your workload, you can finish a full weeks work in 20 hours and spend the rest of your life having the experiences that matter most.It may sound impossible. After all, weve all been conditioned to believe that the only path to success is constant, backbreaking work.But this is how You too can live every day. And I want to help you achieve this kind of life for yourself.Introducing Focus to Finish with FunA proven Step by Step System to enjoy the work and to achieve goals quickly and maximising productivity without working for longer hours. So that you can create more profit and more time for yourselves and family.In this program, you are going to learn to use your time more wisely and do things faster without losing focus and joy.Why is this program far better than any other courses on productivity and time-management?The answer: This course is focused on Getting Results. This course is not about mumbo-jumbo motivational lectures. This course is not about creating the success mindset. If those things would have worked, you probably already have got what you wanted.This course is the result of an in-depth organised study of cognitive behaviour therapy, neuroscience and understanding how the brain works, animal training and game design; understanding the psychology of how game designers make their games compelling and make investing energy and work into making them something thats fun. I tied these things together. Im going to present that to you.No other course is designed with such an organised study from various disciplines.And now I want to share them with you. No sugar coating. No academic theories. No BS. A just real world, tactical, hardcore strategies that work.This course isnt about just a theory. Along with all videos and audio modules, you will get a complete IMPLEMENTATION PLAN with each module so that you can immediately put things into action.This implementation plan is so simple to follow that you will form a new habit, enjoy your work and see the results as an increase in your productivity even before you reach to the end of the program.Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is included in this course and how it is structured?The course is in a video format where I am talking in front of a camera. Its NOT a powerpoint narration. You will also get an audio recording so that you can listen to all modules while you are commuting. Along with videos and audios, you will get workbook along with each module. Each book includes the summary and complete action to assist you to put everything you learn in reality.What if I am already focused and productive?This course is for serious entrepreneurs only. Since I started teaching this method, Ive found there are certain types of people this program generally isnt a good fit for. Even though this program can help anyone ends procrastination and double or triple their productivity, I dont recommend you invest in it if youre already self-driven, focused and productive.What if I dont like to work on the system designed by someone else and love to work in my way?Lets face it – some people are just attached to their way of doing things. They have a hard time accepting that its probably the way theyve always done things that got them where they are in the first place. Though I do my best to show how and why everything works the way it does. Youll never believe that it works 100% until you experience the changes for yourself. And to do that, youre going to have to temporarily set aside your usual way and try some things youve never tried before. If youre not willing or not able to do that, then this program probably isnt for youWhat I can promise is this: I will make it as easy as possible for you to implement the framework that youre about to learn. I will guide you step by step through the process. I will give you every tool thats helped me to enjoy what I do and get more things done without working for longer hours.How will I get the product?Once you complete the payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can access all modules.Will I get any assistance to learn?This course is pre-recorded, and you can learn at your own pace. You can always message me if you have any query or need any assistance. I usually reply within 24-48 hours.What if I find this course rubbish and want my money back?I guarantee to provide 100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee. You can try The Course For 30 Days 100% Risk-Free. I want to make sure that you get the value that you pay for. If you decide to leave the course for any reason within the first 30 days, You will get refund the entire cost. No questions asked. Guaranteed. And well still remain friends. Either you get your full money back, or you become more productive and more profitable. Youve got nothing to lose!How can I decide if I should buy this course or not?I strongly recommend you to give this program a try if Youve struggled with procrastination now or in the past, if you are ready to be the kind of self-directed, productive action taker others look up to and if You are willing to take a chance and try some things youve never tried before.Its my ultimate guarantee that you will get more than you pay for. You have tried all the techniques and tools to deal with your problem of lack of motivation, fear, distraction and lack of focus.I value your time and money, thats why I can help you to deal with the problems that are stopping you from taking more action.Now, its your time to take action.Best,Mayur BardoliaP.S. If you are worried about lack of motivation, focus and courage, isnt it time to finish what you started or havent started yet? Right now, the biggest risk facing you is inaction. It is the lowest price Ive ever offered for this kind of insider information. If you wait another time, you will never get that right time. It is the time for you to buy. Try it for 30 days risk-free, and if your productivity and focus havent skyrocketed, Ill give you a refund, no questions asked.Do you need more help to take a decision? Do you want to know if this course right for you or not? You can always contact me. I am more than happy to talk to you.