Are you looking for a new method to do Forex trading?Forex trading with Portfolio Expert Advisors is the most professional way of managing trading accounts automatically.The new technology allows traders to achieve considerable risk-diversification. In this course, Petko Aleksandrov, the head trader at EA Forex Academy will demonstrate to you how it is possible to do automated trading with 30 strategies simultaneously in one trading account.More, he will include in the Forex trading course the 30 strategies, and he will update the course every month with new 30 strategies.This way, you will be able to practice trading with the Portfolio EAs for Forex trading.Why do we need to trade with so many strategies and not only one?When trading with many strategies in the account, the trader diversifies the risk. This means that if one strategy starts to lose the others compensate for it.  Every strategy has a losing phase. And this is normal in Forex trading.  When trading with 30 strategies in the account, Petko Aleksandrov follows the performance of the strategies and removes the ones that are in their losing phase. This way only the profitable ones remain in the account. The trader will demonstrate how he is doing that, and what results you can achieve realistically – over 1120 pips for 5 weeks trading.You will learn the whole process step by step, and even you are a beginner trader, you will learn it very quickly. Once the EAs are placed for trading, you will need no more than 15 min per week to follow the results.What are the Portfolio EAs?This is an Expert Advisor with many strategies inside. Imagine you are trading with 10 strategies using Expert Advisors. You will need to have 10 different trading charts on MetaTrader. With the Portfolio Experts, you can trade the same 10 strategies with one Expert Advisor over one trading chart. This method is possible with the strategy builder EA Studio(you can sign up for a free trial and test it).  But you do not have to do it, because you will receive the portfolio experts ready for trading.Petko Aleksandrov will teach you how to follow the results of all 30 strategies and how to analyse them to improve the performance of the account.What will you learn in this course?how to diversify the risk using different strategiestrade automatically and avoid the emotions in Forex tradingthe process of creating the Portfolio Expert Advisorsplacing the EAs on MetaTrader and practising the systemtrading on a virtual account with no riskfiltering the strategies and trading the ones that profit at the momentfollowing the results only for 10-15 min during the weekNo trading experience is needed to trade with Expert Advisors. The strategies are inside the code of the Experts, and they take every single trade and close it automatically. This way, no emotions are involved while trading. And emotions are what causes the mass of traders to lose when trading manually.In this Forex trading course, you will learn what is the Walk Forward Optimization as a vital part of the robustness test of each strategy. The Walk Forward is a more advanced tool, and the trader will explain it in details. This way, you will understand how the EAs were created and how many tests they have been through before Petko launches the course.Who is the instructor?Petko Aleksandrov is CEO of EA Forex Academy – the first algorithmic trading academy, where traders learn how to create Expert Advisors without programming skills. The trader has over 12 years of experience, and he has taught over 14 000 traders during the last two years. Why do professional traders prefer algorithmic trading?It is possible to trade many strategies simultaneously which brings more stable resultsEmotions are eliminated which is the main issue with 95% of tradersPrecise statistics are available which is not possible in manual tradingIf you have any questions, drop them on the dashboard. Petko Aleksandrov answers personally always within 12 hoursIf you decide that this trading method is not suitable for your trading, you can use a 30-days money-back guarantee.Enrol now, and we will bring your Forex trading to the next level.Enjoy the course!