You wrote a book, now you can format it for Kindle to look great and function properly. Save time while making updates whenever you want.                          Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx) can easily be formatted for Amazon, which designed its self-publishing system to receive MS Word because it’s the world’s most popular writing program.                              Most authors pay for this, but it’s wise to do it yourself. When you format your own documents:  you save time & moneyyou can make changes whenever you wantyou can be creative with your booksyou make the reader’s experience better                          This course walks you through each section from the Title page to the Table of Contents to the About the Author page, saving as HTML and more. Inserting images, hyperlinks, everything a reader expects. Get detailed instruction with an actual MS Word document and uploading it to Amazon’s Preview Mode, something you’ll be doing soon.                              The course is 17 easy-to-follow videos from 2 to 5 minutes in length. It’s taught by Jason Matthews, bestselling author and self-publishing instructor for thousands of writers.                          In just over an hour, you’ll be able to give readers something they really enjoy.              Get started today and sell more books soon.(If any students want one on one consultation with me, I can be reached through Superpeer with user name /JasonMatthews)