Get the FULL COURSE for 10.99 throughout 2018 – USEJUST2018Do you -Want to design your own branded products?Need to know The BASICS of a powerful graphic design software?Or interested to learn Adobe Illustrator FAST?Then you are in the right place!This course is a straightforward and basic guide to use one of the most powerful software in the field of designing Adobe Illustrator. My effort is to cut to chase and show you how you can learn the basics of Illustrator in just under 100 minutes!The course starts with a basic introduction of using various tools and panels available to create a design, whether its a logo or a print-ready material such as a flyer. You will then straight go for working on a few exercises with me that will teach you how to create brand stationary.No script. No reading out of books. More work done with lots of exercises!Designs worth at least 200are alsoincluded in the course.2000+ students are enrolled from 100+ Countriesaround the world!With a little practice and creativity, YOU can also join them anduse this knowledge to design amazing things. Guaranteed. After working in the field of designing and marketing a long time, I came across the fact that a lot of entrepreneurs or people who run small businesses do not have the skills to create their design, as learning to use illustrator can be pretty expensive. Therefore, most people rely on templates provided in various stationary printing websites. However, as you progress through the course, you will learn how to use the tools to create minimal and sophisticated designs for a brand. I will also share my experience during the course and show you how to make a design print-ready. Once you have completed the course, make sure you play around with the tools to sharpen your knowledge.This course will cover basic tools and discuss only fundamental/important functions and techniques that will need to know to set up Illustrator and start running. However, you will need to practice a little more to understand the use of various techniques shown in this course. So, if you open-minded and want to learn a new skill, come join me! By the end of the course, you will be able to create simple and wonderful designs. I hope this course will help a lot of eager talented creative people to learn Adobe Illustrator and use the techniques to show their creativity to the world! Learn how to use Illustrator effectively and start creating your own beautiful designs!