Fractals in Mandelbulb 3D: Generation and Rendering



Have you ever wonderedabout the complex, organic shapes in nature?Do you want tocreateandexploreincredible,breathtaking designsthat surpass the limits of conventional software by addinginfinityandalgorithmsto the mixture?Welcome to the world of fractals!With this course, you will understand the keyfeatures ofMandelbulb 3D, a free software for generating fractals.It is important to mention thatthis course doesn’t require a mathematical background.It isfocused on the visual sideof fractals, and there areexamples for allthe topics. The course is based on video lectures, some of them with additional downloadable materials for you to practice. There are also quizzes for you to review what you learned.What is a fractal?A fractal is a geometrical object that presents characteristics as branching and self-similarity. These objects are used among mathematicians to study and model natural &irregular shapes such as trees and snowflakes. Fractals have also been used by artists and visual designersin the last century to generate abstract and unique designs that surpass the limits ofimagination.So, what can youdo with them?With all what you’ll learn from this course, you will be able to use them to create:Artistic, breathtaking digital artwork in no timeObjects and scenarios for videogames and animationsModels for 3D printingSpecial effects for movies (there are popular movies that use them!)Infinite virtualworldsIf you’re new to fractals,you willfind all what you need to generate amazing fractal images, 3D modelsand even animations!If you have experience,you’ll get a chance to refresh and update your knowledge and learn new things.I invite you to join the amazing adventure of fractals. I assure you that you will be amazed when you navigate your creations.