Free of Pain #1 – release back originated pains by yourself



ATTENTION: Anyone suffering from back pain who would like a FREE SOLUTION right now, Are you tired of having back pain? Did you know that pain in your legs, arms, and neck or even headaches can originate from back issues? Did you know that back issues can keep you from activities and disrupt your sleep? Have you gone from one doctor to the next looking for help only to be told medication or surgery are the only solutions? What if What if you could rejuvenate your back and eliminate the pain *without any drugs or surgery?* Imagine NO MORE BACK PAIN! You could get back to the lifestyle and activities you once enjoyed. 20 years ago I suffered from vicious attacks of back ache that continued for a whole year. I have two herniated discs in my lower back and I experienced the orthopedic doctors visits, medication and Physiotherapist’s treatments. All that really didnt make any significant difference with my back. I had the same pain until I discovered the Feldenkrais method and within two months my pains disappeared once and for all. With no surgery or medication, I am completely free of back pain! I can do the same for you ABSOLUTELY FREE! The method that I developed out of necessity, can release your pain that stems from: Rounded upper back syndrome (Kyphosis) Scoliosis Sciatica degenerative changes Herniated discs Spinal stenosis Inflammations Car accidents Fibromyalgia Parkinsondiseases Post stroke conditions And an endless list of sources of other neurological and orthopedical problems. This is like going back in time to when you didnt have any pain! My name is Orna Pizanty, and I have been a Physiotherapist and a Feldenkrais teacher for 20 years. I am a specialist in teaching people how to release their back originated pains by themselves. This is done painlessly without any stretching, exertion, or dependence on anyone or anything else. You are getting my 9 LESSON COURSE as a gift to help you, by yourself, release your back, neck, arm and leg pain. This is a gift from me to you for ABSOLUTELY FREE. Stop the pain and start living again! Click the “Take this FREE Course” button now. Changes begin almost immediately! Here is what Ada Medek fromQueenstown Australia says about the course: Dear Orna, I have just finished the last lessonin your Free of Pain program I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to participate in your program. For your patience, dedication& instructions, your wonderfulattention to details and all your personal mentoring along the way. It has been a transformational experience for me. I have learned new ways of listening to my body, I have learned to move in different ways and mobilize areas in my body that have been frozen for years. I havethoroughly enjoyed thelessons, and enjoyed my ‘timeout’doing them with you. Above all that, I am stronger, more flexible, able to move better, and myback, neck and leg pain has reduced considerably. I am also much better equipped to treatsome of those pains myself, before they become an issue. For all that and more, I am very grateful. Thank you so very muchOrna. Love, Light & Gratitudealways,Ada