Freedom From the Torture of Your Thoughts



You know that you have thousands of thoughts every day. Most of them come into your mind in ways you cant even explain. Youre taking out the garbage and suddenly youre thinking about how you didnt quite make the impression you would have liked to at that important meeting. Or youve just had lunch with your best friend whom you havent seen in over a year, and you realize you scarcely paid attention to the conversation because you were worrying about the project youre working on. And in the middle of it all you remember that you need to get milk and eggs at the market. You get the idea. Not to mention the fact that when worry or anxiety hits your mind in the form of thoughts you are generally at their mercy. Life is simply not particularly good under those circumstances. In this course well take a close look at exactly what can be done about situations such as those just described in order to manage your thoughtsso that your life improves. Not only can your life improve, but you can bring about changes in all manner of ways that impact directly on your inner well-being and inner peace. Simply said, the quality of your life improves. Is this something difficult? Will it require endless exercises? No. Its neither difficult, nor does it require tedious exercises. I often work with adolescents, as well as older children, and of course, mainly adults, on these verysubjects and they allcatch on very quickly,immediately recognizing – no matter whattheir age -the improvement it creates in their lives. And so can you. Join me in this course and see for yourself. You can change your life.