From 1K to swimming 4K



WEST swimming technique was developed from hydrotherapy and the understanding that humans are different and they need to swim differently.After treating thousands of people each months from lower back & neck pains we found and understand 2 amazing things:1. If you loosen the neck and lower back you will float better, learn faster and eventually swim much faster.2. Swimming according to your flexibility and abilities – reduces stress, treats lower back and eventually you get less oxidized and swim much faster in longer distances.** WEST swimming is like this “tailor made” suit that is beautiful and comfortable, it will take you only 2 swimming workouts ( out of 10 ) to understand and feel , WEST is the WESTway to swim.Most triathletes runners or people who are 18 years and above don’t understand why they don’t have air?, Why they sink? or why they swim soslow.In this course you get 10 different workouts(every workout should be repeated exactly 3 times), more than 30 unique videos, if you practice 3 times a week the course will take you 10 weeks, if you practice 2 times a week the course will take you 15 weeks.More than 100,000 swimmers learned the WEST way to swim.WEST is the best swimming technique for triathletes, Ironman, open water swimmers or people with lower back or neck pain.Ori is not only the founder and CEOof WESTswimming technique, he is the professional manager of Water World Academy who is the leading Academy for open water coach course, hydrotherapy, Baby swimming, swimming instructors and much more.Ori SelaThis course will help you stretch your body, elongate your muscles and get less oxidized in long distance swimming, you will learn how to breathe every 3 strokes, how to swim faster , and eventually swim a 4k open water swim or an Ironman.Join us and you will understand why.