From Pawn to King: Learning the Game of Chess



This course will take you from being a beginner at the game of chess to being basically proficient with it. It first teaches you the basics like the rules, and goes on to much more advanced subjects such as how to strategize, how to outsmart your opponent via tactics, and how to checkmate your opponent at the end. If you've wanted to learn how to play chess or take it beyond a mere hobby, this course will be good for you. I am a nationally ranked chess player and have taught many people how to play a good game. I explain in simple and easy to understand ways how to play correctly. Practice is very important, so if you are a true beginner it will be advisable to be playing games (online or in person) throughout the course so that you can truly understand and apply everything that we cover. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them. Good luck with your chess!