Life can be busy, difficult and harsh at times. We can become stressed and then our bodies, minds and relationships can all suffer.This course is an antidote to this. It is also an opportunity for self-renewal and increased self-awareness, so you see the value to you of whatever enters your life. It will benefit you, your family, your friends and your work colleagues in so many ways.On this course you will learn:Over 20 fast, portable and simple techniques to relax youHow to keep calm even in stressful situationsHow to use your breath to control your stressThe importance of yawning, touching and being still in helping you be calmTo use guided visualisations to eliminate stressHow stress works in your bodyWhat the fight and flight response is and how to activate the relaxation responseEach technique has been tested with many people in the courses and support I have given over the years. They work. Also, they are supported by the work of scientists working in this vital field of human behaviour.