This course includes:Couse structured in Grammar Packs & Practise Packs witheverything youneedto improve your English easily.Subtitled video lectures explaining the grammar topics in a very easy to understand way.You will practise everything by doing exercises.Lots of resources and exercises to practise your listening in different accents andreal TV examples.You will also improve yourreading, pronunciation, spelling, and increase your vocabulary.Monitor your progress withReview Tests along the course.Downloadable material on pdf format.Check the course curriculum for thespecific content ofthis course.Over 81lectures and more than2.5hours of video lectures.This course contains the equivalent grammar and vocabularyto:The First Certificate Exam (FCE)” level from the Cambridge University in the UK.The B2 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).A 87-109 points at the TOEFL exam (Test Of English as a Foreign Language).WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: (COURSE CONTENT)In this course you will gain an extensive grammar knowledge needed for the official exams as well as practicing lots of vocabulary, listenings, readings, pronunciation, translations, dictations, spellings .You will learn the how to create and the differences in use between most verb tenses such as Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous, between Past Perfect Simple and Past Perfect Continuous, or between all the different verb tenses we can use for the future, like Future Simple, Be going to, Present Continuous, Present Simple,Future Continuous, Future Perfect or to be about to.You will know the differences and when to use an adjective ending in +ed or +ing, as well as how to create a Passive form in any verb tense, the Passive with Reporting verbs, or the Passive with two objects.You will also find videos explaining how to create a modal verb structure for the past, and the Third Conditional structure.In the last section you will learn one of the most difficult grammar lessons, that is when we can ommit a Relative clause or when we cant, and the differences between a Defining and a Non-defining Relative Clause and their implications.WHAT YOU WILL GAIN AFTER THE COURSE:After finishing this four courses you will be able to have a proficient level in English, being capable of understanding advanced readings, and understanding English TV perfectly, as well as having an advanced conversation in English.