FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS: ( A Crash Course in Metric Space)After the calculus, Functional analysis is one of the advance course in mathematics. Functional analysis is actually comprises by three areas, like metric space, topology and norm space. In this course we will understand metric space with definitions and examples. We will solve the various problems that defines the metric space. This course approximately covers all the contents that are used in metric space.Most of the lectures are recorded on classroom whiteboard and a few lectures on tablet. It is best practiced in this course to explain the every concepts according to level of the subjects and students. Students will feel no difference between the classroom learning and online learning. It is fully tried in this course to develop the connections between the students and the instructor.The length of this course is approximately 10 hours and all the videos has recorded by the instructor in HD mode. The videos are edited after the recording to make the more attractive and visible for the students, so that they can easily follow the method of instruction. However the instructor is fully committed to answer the questions put by the students.The instructor accents is Asian and understandable for any English speaker.However, the non native English speaker  can opted for captions.CONTENTS OF Functional AnalysisWhat is metric space?Cauchy’s Schwarz and Malinowski”s InequalityOpen balls, closed balls and open setsThe concepts of neighborhood and limit pointsInterior and exterior pointsConvergence of a sequence in a metric spaceMany examples and exercises along with their solutions I like those students who ask the questions in the questions answer sections. It has came to my experience that the students who ask the questions . they learn more and they have better understanding in the subject. So, you should not feel shy and you should’t have any kind of hesitations to talk with your instructor.I will also going to starts the notes to my students on abstract algebra and by following the notes they can download the notes and they can even discuss the notes with me. The notes will be my own handwritten notes. And the notes will contains the more materials than the videos.Functional Analysis is usually offer in different universities in different universities around the world in mathematics department and he students of pure mathematics, they must take this course and of courses you should have maths skills to take this functional analysis.While taking this course I have some suggestions to my students that the must follow the following instruction while taking this course1. You must have one note book and a pencil to note the important concepts. Just listening is a distorted learning and this kind of learning in mathematics especially is not allowed. Ever new step in mathematics have the link with the previous concepts. So, when you will note the important things in functional analysis then you will learn ore and fast.2. You should’t watch the course more than one hour daily. So, in this way you will complete the course in two weeks. By doing this you bind the functional analysis more accurately in your mind.3. You should watch this course more than 2 times and then many times as you have life time access in this course. You can repeat it on each or every years. In this way you will be super genius in fictional analysis.4. Must share the course concepts with your friends of mathematics and if possible then group discussion is much helpful in this way. Knowledge increases by sharing. Sharing and practicing the mathematics is only the one key to have mastery over the subject.5. Don;t skip any video while watching this course. Again I will say that this is distorted learning. Students have much practice by skipping the videos and I think this is most odd way by taking any online course.6. Must keep contact with your instructor and ask every thing about the course. What is the advantage of course and what they will get after this course. So, discussion with your course instructor is much important.Functional Analysis is much easy and interesting subject. The mathematical steps in functional analysis are like enjoyable and you will not make any boring situation while taking this course.Moreover, the feedback is much necessary when you will finish the course. The future students who will enroll in this course they will enroll on the basis of your feedback, therefore must give the feedback by writing the review or giving the stars. I will just say you finally that must stay healthy and increase your existing skills by joining this course functional analysis. See you in the course.