Fundamentals of Islam – Especially For Non-Muslims



You will learn the truth about Islam and also its fundamental beliefs and basic concepts will become clearer to you.    If you are a non-Muslim this course will be especially enlightening for you and will bring you to a closer understanding of the belief system of 1.8 billion of your fellow human beings.If you are a Muslim, even then this course is going to be extremely beneficial for you.In this course you will learn about Allah, angels, prophets, Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). You will learn about terms like Sunnah, Hadith, Ijitihad and concepts like Khilafat and Imamate. Questions about Sharia, Jihad, Shia-Sunni division, rights of women in Islam, marriage and divorce, halal and haraam are answered. Plague of terrorism being carried out in the name of Islam is also addressed.