Are you thinking of getting into sales? Perhaps you have just started and you would like some guidance on sales and what it is all about? Or, maybe you are coming back to sales after a very long time away and you need a refresher?If this sounds like the situation you face,you may find this course, Fundamentals of Personal Selling, to be just what you need to help you establish yourself as the next Super Seller in your sales role.You will discover:What Personal Selling is and why companies have sales departments;Where the Sales Department sits in relation to other essential parts of the company;What is marketing and why you need to know about it;The 4 p’s of the Marketing Mix;The 7 p’s of the Services Marketing Mix;What is promotion and the promotions mix;Where Personal Selling fits into all of this and why it is important to know;The Sales Process – from start to finish;The ‘business-within-a-business’ concept that you can use to help propel yourself to sales superstar;Steps you can take tobuilda lifetime business.Along the way you will learn ideas and tips that you can use immediately in your work and put into practice.The hardest thing for a new salesperson is being left to sink or swim without any training or guidance. Or, you get the three-part sales induction: “Here is your desk. Here is your phone book, and there is the phone!!” From this you are to make magic happen…or pray you won’t be fired!It is FAR from good enough today. Consumers are so highly educated they can run rings around salespeople who have had sloppy-seconds training. You don’t want to know less than your customers!You want to be THE expert!!It has always been true in sales, that the salespeople who train themselves the most by listening to audio training, reading professionally on sales, and attending seminars and courses, achieve the best results.Don’t leave your sales training to someone who doesn’t care if you fail or succeed. That’s NEVER going to be good enough!!Keep investing in yourself. Take this course and be surprised at how differently you will approach selling. Even small differences in things such as technique can lead to huge gains as tiny changes cascade through your entire sales career. Take the course and I’ll see you in the first lecture.**NOTE: This course is not suitable for expertlevel salespeople. If you have 5-10 years experience in personal selling you probably have the basics covered anyway. Take an advanced class instead and push yourself harder!**