When Microsoft first released PowerShell many simply saw it as an updated version of VBScript. However, Microsoft loaded it with power, and made the decision that it would be the technology to be used to administer all of their products. Over time modules came out for Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, and other environments. Other companies who sold software to run on Windows servers saw the advantages of PowerShell for administration of their software, and many have started to release PowerShell modules too.Now if you look at listings of skills companies are looking for when searching for new employees PowerShell is showing up as one of the prominent required or strongly desired skills. Knowledge of PowerShell could be the deciding factor on if you land that next job, or the promotion to a better position in your current company.This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the PowerShell environment. It will lay the groundwork and foundation for more advanced PowerShell skills. You will learn what a PowerShell cmdlet is, and how much power you will have at your fingertips. You will learn about the object oriented nature of PowerShell and how to leverage that to be a true power user or power administrator.