These days, entrepreneurs and small businesses are struggling to find the capital they need to grow their business. Business owners keep on asking how to raise money fast. Skills arent the issue; there are plenty of management teams who are experts at what they do. Experience isnt the issue, majority of business owners have been in the workforce for over 10 years. Access to these investors is the issue. The reality is, most entrepreneurs and small business owners fail within two years of incorporation because they dont know how to find, engage or attract investors. At INVESTyR, it is our mission to better peoples lives by improving their access to capital. Over the last couple years, we have developed a system for educating owners on digital media and improving their chance of survival and growth. Weve done this by focusing on 3 basic principles: 1. Investors want to be found 2. People Invest in People They Like 3. The modern investor has changed Focusing on this core process helps you cut the average amount of time to raise money in half, and focus on growing your business. Sign up for the INVESTyR Udemy course now to learn how to raise money fast for your business and Invest your reputation!</p>