Fusion 30: 30 minute workouts made simple and very effective for fast results, by using nothing but the best exercises to tone up your body and boost your fitness to the next level! What to expect from this program?Lose 3-5 lbs per week!!Inches off your legs, butt, arms & waist line!Promote a lean vascular look to your body!Increase your strength!Rapidly improve your fitness levels!Increase your daily energy levels!Decrease stress levels!Improved self confidence!Improve your sleep patterns!Healthy eating guide to better your health! Is this program for you?Workouts for busy lifestyles take only 2% of your day, train smart!No gym membership or equipment required, you are the machine!Very little training space required, you can do these workouts anywhere! Home, parks, holidays, or even at work on your lunch break.Want to be pushed into overdrive for the best results? No problem, Fusion 30 has challenges to motivate you when you most need it!Trusted workouts endorsed by REPs and Skills active, the UKS top fitness professionals.High quality themed workouts with clear commands, easy to follow live videos and great backing music! What you get!4x 30 minute mp4 & mp3 workouts!Monthly Fitness test!30 day fitness plan!Recipe e-book!Anatomy guide book!Intensity chart!This series will teach you the art to mastering bodyweight exercises using state of the art programmes like no others out there. Suitable for all fitness levels!