Starting with the normal map baking process in 3ds Max, we'll create a color and specular map using Photoshop, use selection masks created with Render to Texture, set up a material for the floor piece, and finally add some lights and decals when we put it all together inside of UDK. With lots of great tips and practical hands on techniques, this video serves as a great workflow tutorial for high quality game assets. About the Instructor: Mike Snight is the Co-Founder/Owner of He currently works at Irrational Games as a Senior Level Artist, and contributed heavily to the production of the smash hit Bioshock: Infinite. Mike is a long-time fan of the BioShock series and a 2008 Game Art and Design graduate from The Art Institute of California—Los Angeles. Mike has also contributed to the Activision titles Transformers: War for Cybertron, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.